BZEBRA recognizes that an in-depth and collaborative editing experience is key to taking your book from rough draft to perfect product. Our highly qualified editors and readers have decades of experience working with books in a variety of genres, from military memoirs to romances, from Southern fiction to murder mysteries, and are eager to apply this knowledge to make your story shine like no other. BZEBRA utilizes track changes to ensure that you can see and accept every alteration to your story.

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Proofreading ($8 per 1,000 words) | No matter your skill, every writer needs a second set of eyes on their book. With the proofreading package, our meticulous editors will scour your prose for any typos, spelling errors, missed punctuation and more, making sure no reader is pulled out of your story by a missing letter. After all, there’s a big difference between crows and cows when they’re flocking in the stormy skies.

Copyediting ($12 per 1,000 words) | Want to make sure every comma is in place, your tenses are spot-on, and each sentence flows just the way it should? Through our copyediting process, your book will come out the other end with perfect grammar, impeccable word choice, and flow like the bestseller it is destined to become. Leave no stone unturned and make your book flawless.

Developmental Editing ($16 per 1,000 words) | Writing a book is a journey, and sometimes you need some help navigating the waters. Whether you want guidance with plot, character, pacing, or all of the above, BZEBRA is here to help. With our developmental editing package, we’ll provide detailed comments throughout your story, identifying exactly what you need to know, as well as an in-depth critique of the work as a whole at the end. In this critique, we’ll lay out the book’s strengths and weaknesses, future selling potential, and relay our professional advice as to where you should go from here. This package provides you with ongoing communication, so you can build a relationship with your editor as you craft your story.

$150 Deposit, balance due at completion of job.



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